Ciuri Ciuri Social Media Campaign

Cure a day with a Ciuri Ciuri! 

Ciuri Ciuri is a small independent ice cream parlour based in Falmouth and located on the main high street. The company serve up a variety of delicious ice cream flavours, ice cream cakes and coffees. Popular with those familiar with them, Ciuri Ciuri have a fun and friendly tone of voice that is welcoming to its market.

Present already on social medias; Facebook, Twitter, Instargram, G+ and Trip Advisor, Ciuri Ciuri are great at reaching their followers.

Confident they are building a strong relationship with existing customers our aim is to reach out to the people outside of their followers by starting conversations on Twitter with those in the local area. Ciuri Ciuri would follow #Falmouth, #FalmouthUni, #Cornwall and anyone who checks in around the local area on FourSquare.  On Twitter we will get Ciuri Ciuri to start a conversation with people who tweet about their day, this could be negative or positive, either way we will aim to offer a select few a treat with a discount if they come into store.


Public Tweet

Today was just a good day J #goodday


Why not make it great with a double chocolate sundae. We will give you 10% off in store when you show this code CIURI1068

Public Tweet

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. #GoodDay


…Or the quality of your ice cream. Come in store and get 10% off your ice cream with this code CIURI2054

Public Tweet

Everyone in my crew is in a relationship or seeing someone and I’m still single! #FuckMyLife


Who needs a relationship when you’ve got ice cream? Come date our flavour of the week. Get 10% off in store with our discount code CIURI2016

Public Tweet

One can only hope that the clanking of the radiator means the heat will turn on soon. #Falmouth #Itscoldinhere


Come warm yourself up with one of our coffees. 10% discount code just for you..CIURI1057

This campaign will create awareness with more people through direct and responsive contact with the public. We believe the discount will give people the incentive to come into store and by doing so we will reward them. We believe this will create positive word of mouth and generate popularity while allowing Ciuri Ciuri to build strong relationships with locals, holiday makers and student. Although this may seem time consuming it’s cost effective and we feel with a company so social media savvy it wont be too much of a challenge.




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