Why use GooglePlus?

Summary: I’ll be highlighting what features make GooglePlus amazing and why your business need’s to be part of its community.

GooglePlus is not Facebook. It’s not Twitter either!

If you think GooglePlus is just another social network or identity service, you are in for a big surprise. What has been created is a phenomenal tool for human communication and more. The platform encourages you to build new relationships based on passion, interests, professions and careers. It offers a space to find information that’s relevant to you and share it with those who have the same interests, not just every individual on your friends list. Helping you build new networks with contacts the platform can bring your brand closer than ever to your market due to its integration with Gmail, YouTube, Google Analytics, Google Images, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Finance, Google Drive, GoogleDocs, Google Wallet and most importantly Google Search. In other words, GooglePlus is now the portal to the entire Google ecosystem.

So what is it that makes GooglePlus great and how will your business benefit?


Everything on GooglePlus is promoted by the biggest technology platform on the planet, Google! 

What happens on GooglePlus is going to be prioritized and indexed by Google. This is huge for companies and professionals, because the websites that appear on the first page of Google Search, especially in the first few positions, get around 36.4% of all clicks from users, according to a study by Optify. It is a great way to gain exposure with new customers and build a broader following.


GooglePlus Local Pages

Google’s local pages are another efficient way of making people aware that your business is out there.  It puts you on the map and helps users discover and share places they want to visit while allowing them to rate and review theirs and others experiences. It’s Google’s 5-point scoring system that gives detailed insight into businesses before people visit, and then Zagat that summaries users reviews. This is a great tool that will offer up customer insight, allowing you to adapt to your target markets wants and needs.

Ready to use Google+ Local?


Communities And Circles  

Communities and circles are a great way of managing people into different social and professional groups. Within these groups you can select and share specific content with the individuals who will benefit from it most. In Communities, you’ll find it easy to build new connections with people who are active on GooglePlus, and those who have similar interests as yourself. These people are more likely to connect and engage in the content you share.

Find out more about Communities and Circles!


Ripples and Influencers

GooglePlus Ripples is a visualization graph that lets you glance at the manner in which your content has been shared across the platform. Most people know ten of the biggest influencers in their industry, however what many don’t realize is that there are more people online who maybe aren’t as publicized but who still have a lot of pull within certain communities. GooglePlus Ripples is one tool that can help you find these individual influencers, sharing content with them could help you business reach out to a much larger circle of people.  

Tell me more about Ripples and Influencers!


Hangout And Hangouts On Air

GooglePlus Hangouts allow you to conduct and participate free live video conferencing with up to as many as 10 people. The benefits for a small business are obvious: you can reach out to customers, dealers, vendors and social media contacts at no cost. You can also participate in Hangouts initiated by others and communicate with thought leaders in your niche.

More about Hangouts!


GooglePlus +1’s 

+1 is Google’s answer to Facebook’s like button or Twitters hashtag. When people +1 your content it’s away of showing their approval and allows others to see what’s trending. It’s a great way of letting others do your work for you, with each +1 the distribution of your content will only broaden, reaching a wider target audience and increasing visibility for your business.

So what is GooglePlus +1?


Google Authorship

Google Authorship helps raise your authority as a writer on Google. If your company has one or more industry expert bloggers they can take advantage of this opportunity to boost their status and credibility online. Catalyst Search Marketing published a case study showing that adding authorship data and other types of rich snippets to a sample site increased search clicks by 150 percent during a one month period.

How will Authorship help me?


So What’s The Big Picture?

Do I really have to summaries why you should go out and get GooglePlus right this second?

  • The platform is designed to make every aspect of your life easier.
  • Every feature is designed to optimize your marketing strategy and take your business even further.
  • It means having all your resources in one place, not only just the Google tools but a large amount of your influencers and target market too.
  • It combines information, people and context.
  • Your business will be partnered with the biggest technology platform on the planet and will therefore show up on thousands of searches across the internet increasing visibility.
  • Once you have published your content you can let others do some of the work for you.
  • Most importantly it connects you with the world in an innovative, up and coming way, and everyone is intrigued by new and exciting experiences.


Get GooglePlus NOW!

Relevant Links: http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/


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