The Strategy Behind EE – Kevin Bacon

‘BufferFace’ Campaign

Summary: Throughout this post I will be highlighting the campaigns insight, emotional triggers and EE’s desired consumer response.

Kevin Bacon has yet again stared in the latest multi-million pound advertising campaign from EE. The commercial takes a look at the preventions of ‘BufferFace’.


Spencer McHugh, director of brand at EE, said: “Whether you’re trying to download a funny video, or are in serious need of a map route, lack of connectivity is a real frustration for smartphone users.

Emotional Trigger

The campaign developed by creative agency; Saatchi & Saatchi London, has finally changed the way technology companies are targeting their audience. The commercial shows actor Kevin Bacon tutting at the ‘BufferFace’ look he observes so many people around him wearing. ‘BufferFace’ is that blank, confused stare we all make the moment our phones stop loading. In short, ‘BufferFace’ is rarely flattering and Bacon is calling all consumers to discard it. ‘BufferFace’ is a comical insight that makes the brand relatable and trusted as EE show they have understand of their audience as really people, a contrast to most mobile networks that overpower their target market with endless amount of information. The campaign is appealing to a wider audience; however early adopter; technological leaders who want to know more about the ‘Super fast coverage’ are unlikely to buy into the very brief explanation about the networks real benefits.

Desired Response

EE’s campaign is all about gaining customer loyalty and increasing sales. Spencer McHugh states: “With our superfast 4G coverage reaching more than 75 per cent of the UK population, 4G on EE removes the hassle of wasted loading time, so you can drop your ‘BufferFace’ and get on with your day.” Although it’s very clear from the campaign that the brand want you to drop your ‘BufferFace’ it’s less clear to viewers that EE can help you achieve this. The lack of information personally leaves me hazy, I remember that the commercial is selling 4G however forget why EE is better than other networks, and although I find the commercial memorable, due to the comical emotional trigger making it relatable, I struggle to remember that the brand behind the ‘BufferFace’ is EE at all. I find it hard to believe that from this campaign EE will gain a substantial amount of custom, with most consumers staying loyal to their current network due to ease and the case of most offering similar services, it takes a noticeable technological improvements for consumers to consider moving to a new network as most of the time it’s a lengthy, complicated process. Unfortunately the brands use of an outdated actor that has an extremely annoying persona distracts the consumer from the true proposition; EE understand smartphone consumers don’t like waiting for downloads, EE leads in super fast 4G, buy into the brands network you’ll see results in every aspect of your life, no waiting around and no awkward facial expressions!



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