The Strategy Behind Nike’s

‘Find Your Greatness’ Campaign

Summary: In this post I will be touching upon the insight behind Nike’s campaign; concentrating on emotional triggers used to change the behaviours of consumers.

It was during the 2012 London Olympics that Nike launched its; ‘Find Your Greatness’ campaign that consisted of minute long videos, featuring ‘everyday athletes’ from all over the world achieving something inspiring. Those that featured in the viral videos were sporty ‘Londoners’ not only in London England but London Ohio, East London in South Africa and Little London in Jamaica; keeping to the London Olympics theme, the international campaign ran in 25 different countries. Critics noted that the campaign was clearly designed to cash in on the Olympic fever while getting one over on rival brand Adidas, who were paid tens of millions to be an official London 2012 sponsor while Nike itself was not. For Nike the Olympics saw a great platform to boost exposure while gaining brand loyalty and driving sales and there’s no question that they made it count.

Aside from the fact Nike aimed to create a campaign that outdid its competitor, how did their strategy engage its audience?

Throughout the campaign Nike strived to say that it’s not just the championship athlete or record breakers that aspire to push their limits. It is also the everyday athlete who strives to excel on their own terms, to set and realize personal goals and achieve their own defining moment of greatness. One of the most popular videos within the campaign was ‘The Jogger’ showcasing 12 year old boy called Nathan from London Ohio, the clip highlights that greatness in not beyond his reach, nor is it for any of us! That is Nike’s insight; we all have the ability to do and be great in our own way.

Making people believe they have the ability to be great is Nike’s emotional trigger and they made that concept relatable by using real people throughout their campaign. Proving greatness is within all of us; Nike’s power to the people exterior wins consumer acceptance and loyalty as they feel Nike has their best interest at heart. However in reality Nike has put fort a proposition that makes people subconsciously believe the answer to greatness is down to the brand, therefore they will look to the brand in the future for further help and reassurance, investing in their products and tools to help them achieve their goals. On The brands own website is states; ‘”Find Your Greatness” seeks to inspire everyone in their own personal achievements, Nike+ Running, Nike+ Basketball, Nike+ Training and the Nike+ Fuelband are the tools that enable everyday athletes everywhere to measure their performance and motivate themselves to do more.’ In other words Nike does genuinely want you to find your greatness, just as long as you’re using their products to do so.



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