G+ Communities TV Campaign

Summary: Writing a new TV campaign for GooglePlus Communities.

Client: Google +


Writer: Amy Govan


Date: 19/10/2014


Title: Baking biker


Length: 60 seconds



(This video will highlight how communities allow you to talk about stuff you’re into with people who love it too.)


In this video we will see a stereotypical hairy biker, talking about bikes and all things manly but he has a hidden love for baking, something he couldn’t possibly express in front of his biker buddies.


(In this short clip it will show that Google+ communities allow you to talk about things you really love with people who love it too. It will show that communities are a safe environment to share content with selected people who would never judge or discriminate.)



(Biker rides towards camera with his gang following behind. Throughout the next few scenes he wears his mean faced façade.)


Biker: Yes I’m your stereotypical long haired, dirty denim, ill mannered.


(Stepping of his bike and into a dark and dingy bar.)


Biker: Knuckle cracking.


(Biker gets passed a large jug of beer.)


Biker: Beer drinking biker.


(The bikers in the bar are getting rowdy, drinking beer, head banging to heavy metal and belching. The main biker pushes his way past his gang and slips out a side door where an old lady pulls an apron over his head and another ties the strings around his plump stomach. The biker is now in a kitchen with others, mainly women. Grabbing a whisk and a mixing bowl….)


Biker: Who happens to have a love for baking … but if you tell anyone.


(Slamming his whisk down on the side and cracking his knuckles. An elderly woman passes him a fairy cake. The biker then smiles sweetly and accepts her offering.)


Biker: Oh Mary the frosting.


(The logo for Google+ communities fills the screen. With the words ‘Talk about the stuff you love with the people who love it too.’)