The Strategy Behind LG

‘Stage Fright – So Real It’s Scary 2’ Campaign

Summary: Within this post I’ll be exploring LG’s campaign proposition, attached emotional triggers and desired consumer response to their product.

With a prankster reputation to up hold after their ‘Falling Elevator – so real it’s scary’ campaign, LG Electronics and ad agency SuperHeroes, Amsterdam, didn’t fail to amuse when launching their sequel video; ‘Stage Fright – so real it’s scary 2’.


According to Cream Inspiring Innovation: ‘The LG IPS monitor is a product that has been carefully created by experts to ensure the images are clear and the colour changes smooth, this means that watching television or playing games can be enjoyed without any strain on the eyes. The idea behind the IPS monitor is that it offers viewers a colour impression identical to that of the original image for an advanced viewing pleasure. The insight behind the campaign was to find a way that best showed off the new technology and raised awareness about the product.’

Proposition And Emotional Triggers

The campaign directly targeted their desired audience, by using emotional triggers linked to male performance. Although unbeknownst to them at the time LG propositioned its market to discovering just how real images on a LG IPS monitor are; by showcasing its products own exceptional performance qualities by playing a comical, practical joke on the male audience involved.

Rumour has it that a lot of men have issues in the little boys’ room when someone is watching them, so to test this theory LG installed its IPS 21:9 UltraWide monitors above a row of urinals in a public bathroom located in the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam. As unsuspecting gentlemen attempt to relieve themselves, LG’s monitors displayed faces of beautiful women, causing several men to experience ‘performance issues’ as they genuinely believed they were being observed. By putting the theory of stage fright to the test the brand shows it has an insight and understanding of men, one of its key markets, highlighting they know their audience needs, making them relatable and trusted while demonstrating their innovative lifelike picture quality produced by LG’s IPS display technology.


LG has an exceptional understanding when advertising its products, instead of telling its audience what its technology can do; it presents them with first hand experience of it quality. Displaying the product as something to be received both physically and emotionally which helps assure the audience of all the product benefits.



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