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Visit CornwallThe official tourist board online visitor guide.

Summary: Within this post I will be touching upon the delightful online heaven that is Visit Cornwall and analysing 3 specific market segments that benefit from its services.


About Visit Cornwall

Visit Cornwall is the official online tourist board that present its visitors with everything they need to know about embarking on a magical and unique experience to the idyllic county of Cornwall. The online site proposes places to stay, things to do, what’s on, fabulous food, activities to take advantage of and much more.

Below I have analysed 3 market segments that benefit from Visit Cornwall’s expertise.


The Fun Families


Young working class families under 44 who have a mortgage and children, looking to holiday during school breaks.


Families based in the South of England, mainly London and those situated in neighbouring counties to Cornwall.


Cosmopolitans and high street followers who are in search of a stress free family get away that’s got something for everyone to enjoy. Their idyllic holiday would be relaxing, educational, and full of exploration, offering up a chance to immerse the family in a range of spontaneous outdoor activities.


The Weekend Romantics


Young couples; between 25-30, pre family, professionals.

In contrast, the more mature segment aged 45+, married, post family and considering retirement if they haven’t already hung up the apron.


Couples based in the South West and Wales; those who live in similar surroundings but want a brief escape from their local area.


Style Hounds who are young, free spirited and act on impulse, looking for a relaxing and romantic get away to not only discover Cornwall but each other.

Traditionals who are slow to adapt, valuing home comforts, good food, sea breeze walks and captivating British culture and history.


The Dog Loves  


Working class males, females, families, couples, the young and old all of whom have a four legged family member they feel needs Cornwall as much as they do.


Specifically the Cornish born and bread along with holiday makers travelling from close by neighbouring counties in the South of England.


Functionals and discoverers aiming to explore Cornwall, mainly investing in what’s most functional and valuable to them, they wouldn’t pay or want someone else looking after they furry friend and besides their pet is part of the family and it’s important that they are involved in family life. This market segment value new options and educational experiences but take comfort in tradition.

Do you fall under one of the segments above? 

Want to know more about what Cornwall has on offer for you?

Follow the links below …



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