Social Media Campaign Review

Spotify – #Thatsongwhen


The Campaign

Created by Ogilvy & Mather New York; Spotify’s new campaign focuses on the personal side of music, looking for the stories behind the songs customers of their service love. Using the hashtag #Thatsongwhen Spotify’s audience is being encouraged to share a song and the personal significance that that song holds to them. The campaign is a great use of storytelling that really engages the target market while giving the brand a perfect opportunity to find out some market research, what music really means to the everyday man.


Social Platforms

With the campaigns presence including a landing page as well as various social media sites Vines videos, Facebook and Twitter the campaign is easily accessible and with the public today sharing every aspect of their lives on social media, getting consumers to participate in sharing their stories online has been achievable. With Spotify turning the best stories into viral videos, there is also extra incentive for consumers to get involved.


Community Feel

When visiting all media pages you can feel an overwhelming sense of community and being part of that is nice. Even though stories are personal, their relatable allowing people to connect, much like what the brand stands for itself, allowing people to easily connect with the music and artists they love. Ogilvy’s New York president Adam Tucker stated ‘The realness of the campaign is key’. They wanted to tap into the truth about music and it was important to tap into real people and their feelings about songs that inspire them. The campaign has helped fuel passion and growth in the US that will subsequently roll out to the UK and Germany.


Not All Good News 

However it’s not all good news for Spotify, the campaign has also fuelled negativity towards the brand with both the public and musicians hijacking the hashtag on twitter to rip on the company’s notoriously low payment to artists.


On A Whole

I think the initial idea of the campaign is engaging for Spotify’s audience and builds a great honest relationship between the public and the brand. The use of storytelling creates a sense of community that has allowed the customers passion for music to grow, hopefully encouraging people to listen to more music and sign into a Spotify contract. With negativity still building it will be interesting to see how Spotify react. The problem now being that they need to prove to their customers that they give enough back to their artists. Perhaps the best public stories can win tickets to events and festivals that Spotify have purchased, showing that they are willing to give money back to the music industry. Spotify need to make it apparent to their target market that the more users they gain the more royalties they are able to pay back into the industry.

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